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The library offers videos relating to Complex Rehab Technology (CRT). These include stories from people who use CRT, caregivers , family members, clinicians, and suppliers. Take a moment to watch and share these videos to help people understand the need for CRT, how it’s provided, and the benefits that result when people with disabilities have appropriate access.

Technology is the Cure

April 26, 2017 It is critical that our Congressional representatives pass H.R.1361/S.486 before July 1 or Medicare will stop covering the wheelchair accessories that make it possible for me and thousands like me to continue being productive members of society. Here is my speech to the National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology the day before going to Capital Hill to make our case. For a full TRANSCRIPT, visit http://www.ALSRI.org/CRT.html More information about the problem http://www.Access2CRT.org

  • By: Steve Saling
  • Duration: 12:36
  • Views: 513